Metaverse futur



Your playground in the Metaverse

3 types of land, infinite possibilites to build the game of your dreams

1000s of assets

Naturescapes or cityscapes, the choice is yours, with thousands of prebuilt assets

Brains vs Brawn

Brawling game your style, we’ve got you! Escape rooms more your thing, we’ve got that too!


Dimenxion memberships

Your NFT is your pass to the Dimenxion metaverse, real world events and most of all the community

God like status

The Dimenxions created this metaverse and as such will entitle you to numerous benefits

Holding = Rewards

Our project has deep utility and the NFT holders will be rewarded for their loyalty



Q1 Interdimensional Incubation

  • Art concepts
  • Roadmap v1 Announcement
  • NFT Concept Art
  • Website V1
  • Twitter & Discord Community starts


Q2 Dimenxion spark

  • smart contract & Blockchain integration
  • Roadmap V2 Announcement
  • Release Whitepaper & Tokenomic
  • Dimenxion keys Public Mint
  • Listing on NFT marketplaces (MagicEden,...)
  • Integration with Dimenxion Wallet for in-game assets management
  • Metaverse internal testing and sneak peak
  • Economy design
  • IDO token launch & Airdrop


Q3 Singularity

  • Metaverse beta on-chain launch
  • Starts of marketplace
  • DAO
  • Integration with Dimenxion-Wallet for in-game assets management
  • Economy design integration
  • Whitelist for GEN 1 NFT
  • GEN 1 NFT Presale
  • GEN 1 Public Mint
  • Staking & Farming


Q4 Dimenxion expansion

  • Whitelist for GEN 2 NFT
  • GEN 2 NFT Presale
  • GEN 2 Public Mint
  • Dimenxion Metaverse Alpha launch
  • Increase onboarding
  • Expand integrations
  • Full metaverse Economy
  • More features integration
  • Partnership
  • Multi-chain Integration
  • The Second Dimenxion is coming out of the Singularity


Jean-Philippe Founder and CEO/COO

Renan Lead Unity Developer

Dev 3D Artist

Ahmed CTO

Cookie COO

Guilherme CCO

Matthew CFO

Ejay CMO

Lucas 2D Artist




A metaverse is a 3D visualization of virtual worlds enriched with endless capabilities. Through extended reality and VR, people can immerse themselves in the digital realm to conduct regular activities just as they would on the physical plane. Users can shop, create commerce, learn, play, and curate environments to nurture the community and its members. Rest assured, Dimenxion offers innovative tools for users to create the most indulgent experiences yet.

NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens are digital assets with ownership rights tied to the decentralized blockchain. These can be virtually anything such as a gaming item, digital art, online ticket, and the list goes on. While some NFTs maintain aesthetic purposes for a larger part, others provide extensive utilitarian benefits, for instance, granting access to events and games.

NFTs can be bought against cryptocurrencies, mostly SOL. Solana tokens can be purchased in pairs through popular exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. Moving forward, you must send the money into a digital wallet like Phantom, make sure you connect to the Solana network and complete the transferring process. At, you can easily purchase an NFT by following the provided steps. is backed by Metacognition Labs, the brainchild of a talented duo (JP and Pramod) with ample expertise in extended reality and Blockchain. As a development studio where all the magic happens, Metacognition reinforces the connection between Blockchain and gaming to pave the way for future projects.

Gen 0 (Quantum Field Unifier) is the Adam of arising as a result of the singularity. Verily, early minters of QFU who patiently hold for 30 days can avail the chance to receive an air-dropped companion NFT. All the wallets considered for the airdrop will automatically get featured for future pre-sales.

Gen 0 minting cost is 1 SOL for public sale.

A decentralized autonomous organization, sometimes called a decentralized autonomous corporation, is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central governance. This means, you people are deciding what’s coming in the Dimenxion Metaverse!

Stay tuned for the update! We’re still in the process of setting Dimenxion plot prices, so brace yourself for random airdrops and early access!

According to our MetaEthics, nobody but you have the right to their land. Rest assured, what’s yours is truly yours, no questions asked.

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